Join us in honoring your veterans

It’s past time to honor our Veterans!

Palisade and surrounding areas are beginning a large and expensive project to show our thanks to those who served. It will be an $80,000 project with $48,000 in labor costs being donated. With these gracious donations, we are left with $35,000 to raise. This memorial will be one of the finest in Nebraska!

The stones will be erected with all of our veteran’s names engraved. The veterans will include W.W. I, W.W. II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf as well as peacetime veterans. We intend to include all deceased, living, and active duty veterans.

The land has been donated for this project by Dennis and Shirley Ferguson, with a prime site right on Main Street, where the Krotter Lumberyard formerly was located.

This being a monumental task not only in raising the money but trying to find the names of the veterans in this area. Therefore, we are soliciting your help. Leaving a lasting legacy for our children and grandchildren making sure our veteran’s sacrifices are not forgotten.

Remember freedom is not free. We sincerely ask that you contribute toward this fantastic memorial. The sooner we raise the $35,000, the sooner we can complete the Palisade Veteran’s Memorial!

Sincerely, Billy C. Smith
Palisade Memorial Chairman

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